What Are Your Options for Overcoming Stress?

For some people stress is a recurring experience. They feel tense, worried or anxious about a certain thing or event. They feel anxious about their activities in life or they feel stressed about their relationships. The stressful feelings are not relieved.

The ancients used the word “stress” for almost that same word. Christians used it as a synonym for anxiety. They believed that anxiety is a natural part of life and that the true Christian does not avoid anything, but instead sees it as a very positive event, a challenge or a growth opportunity.

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How Your Personality Affects the Way You Deal with Stress

The way you handle stress is influenced by your personality, and you may not even realise it.

Some people are able to handle stress levels that others would find unbearable.

Our responses to stress are a mix of inherited traits and lessons we’ve picked up along the way.

Stress has an effect on everyone; the only difference is how much stress you can take before developing symptoms.

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Relieving Stress: Finding the Source of Your Anxiety

Stress is a problem that many people face on a daily basis, and it can be extremely draining.

No matter how bad the stress is caused by a terrible incident or by everyday difficulties, it is still bad.

Stress is something that many people treat as a short-term problem that will fade away with time.

The problem with that is that they are overlooking the long-term effects of stress on the human body.

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Effective Stress Management Through Stress Reduction Exercises

The physical and emotional toll that constant change takes on our bodies and minds is what causes stress.

It is true that stress can have a positive impact on behaviour, such as encouraging a person to take action quickly or providing a new perspective on a problem, but it is more harmful than beneficial.

Emotions such as anger, mistrust, rejection and depression can be triggered by stress and physical symptoms such as skin rashes and migraines.

Stress can lead to heart problems, strokes, and hypertension, among other things.

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