10 Key Tips on How to Cope With Long Term Stress

What are the consequences of long term stress?

Chronic stress that is experienced for a prolonged period of time can lead to long-term problems with your heart, blood vessels and a majority of your vital organs. It has a major impact on your hormone regulation and It can affect your heart rate, respiratory system and in the worst cases can lead to cancer development and the total collapse of the human body. Stress can be treated in different ways, but most often it’s mistaken for anxiety and its taken likely. To improve your self, and cope with stress efficiently here are 10 tips on how to heal long term stress issues.

1. Avoid Alcohol, nicotine, and coffee

stressed outTry to avoid, or at least reduce the usage of drinks that contain alcohol, caffeine or nicotine. Those are ingredients that will rather stimulate your stress level. Try switching them with water, tea or some other drinks that are based on herbal ingredients. Try also lowering refined sugars in your nutrition because they are energy consumers and may lead to energy crashes.

2. Increase your physical activity

Physical activity will reduce levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your body, which are enhanced when u are under stress, Workout for your body will level up the state of hormones and bring your body and mind in a better place.

3. Sleep regularly

Try getting to sleep at the same time as much as u can and also don’t do any activity that requires brain function too much at least a few hours before going to bed. Rest your brain, and focus on positive thoughts.

4. Meditation

From old age, meditation was used for the purpose of calming your body and mind. This is a brain exercise that will calm you down and take you to a place which u need to feel more positive and relaxed. Take 15minutes of your day time to channel positive thoughts and relax your brain functions.

5. Engage in small talk

Talking can affect positively on you by gathering positive energy from a conversation that u had or by releasing negativity that u held in your self.

6. Start your stress journal

Every morning u should write down some positive thoughts. Keep a record of it for 21 days, and u will get the habit of thinking positively when u wake up in the morning.

7. Solve problems 1 by 1

Categorize your problems and start solving them 1 by 1. After u have finished with few, u will feel relived and more productive,

8. Organize your time

Make a to-do list, and set it up with priority. Don’t waste time and energy on things that can be done in 2, or 3 days by pushing yourself to do them right now.

9. Start saying “No”!

Do not accept to do things u can’t do in time, or u cannot do at all. Saying no will sometimes save u a lot of energy and save u from possible stressful situations that u can come across if accepting too much on your shoulders,

10. Rest if you are feeling tired

Short rest won’t cause too much damage, taking a break for 5 minutes will prevent your mind and body for creating a stressful feeling.