How Can I Destress Myself Instantly?

Stress is the single most neurological disturbance that can lead to a multitude of generalized and chronic health conditions around the world. Destressing allows your neurotransmitters to return to a healthy balance, preventing such conditions from arising since it takes time and constant stress to encourage them. How do you destress, though, especially when the stress is constant? Read the following steps to do just that.

Baths & Bedsheets

destressAnyone can get in a hot bath to unwind but to truly unwind you’re going to want to do a few things beforehand. Change your bed linen to freshly laundered ones. Do all this before you get in your special bath so the work is done and you can relax once you get out.

Now, for your special bath, get yourself some nicely scented floral smelling bath oils and some moisturizing body wash. Pour a generous helping of the oil into a hot steamy bath and before you get in either turn the lights down low or get some tea candles and light them around the sides of the bath. Open a window so you get a nice cool draught on your skin while enjoying the heat of the water.

Spend at least an hour not moving and just let the hot water and oils do their job. Once you’ve had enough of that, slip into your comfiest pair of pajamas and slip under the covers of fresh linen. You won’t regret it.

Paced Breathing

Paced breathing isn’t meditation but it does take the principle of meditation for those who aren’t familiar with it. The best way to get familiar with paced breathing is by downloading an app and following the sound indications of when to inhale and exhale.

Simple paced breathing activities only take a few minutes to do before you start to notice the difference between your moods. Doing this in a special bath makes it even more effective, but try not to fall asleep! You don’t need to commit to a routine to do this. At most, all you need is five minutes when you need it to calm your tumultuous mind. If done regularly, though, it can provide great benefits such as finding it easier to maintain a greater sense of calm throughout the day and increased focus.

Nature Walks

A good way to instantly destress is to walk away from whatever is causing the stress in the first place. If that’s not really an option, go for a nature walk. A nature walk is finding a densely wooded area and just walking without being disturbed. Don’t listen to music. Instead, listen to the silence, because sometimes that’s all you need to bring yourself back into balance. Keep walking until the environment and the exercise has teased the last of the tension out of you and once you sit back down you will a hundred percent better than you did before you took it.


Drinking herbal teas not only provides health benefits such as flushing toxins out of your system but the way the minerals and vitamins in the ingredients interact with our bodies impacts our mood as well. Chamomile is particularly good at alleviating depression and influencing a more relaxed state.

Experiment with different teas to see what the effects are and drink whatever one you need when you want to destress. A widely related fact is drinking herbal tea before bed increases a more restful sleep, so try that too as people who fail to get a good rest are more prone to stress during the day.

Dancing & Cleaning

Sometimes, when we’re stressed, the best release is to move about and dancing is the key. Put on some uplifting music and just dance away like nobody is watching. What’s even better is being productive while you’re doing it, so if you find yourself wanting more movement, clean your domestic setting at the same time.

Having a clean, tidy space encourages a relaxed state since it is a reflection of the mind and therefore encourages calm in the person in the setting. A bit of a nature versus nurture kind of thing. Dance around while doing this and you’re sure to feel better once you’re done and your space will be clean and tidy and ready for you when you are.