Ridding Your Home of Geopathic Stress

Just as there are solar magnetic stresses that come from the sun and the galactic “soup” that supports the universe, there are geomagnetic stresses that come from within the earth. The field of geobiology, or geopathology, is a science that has its roots in Europe and has slowly gained popularity in the United States over the past 25 years.

Research and proven modalities of detecting internal earth stresses has been extensive in Europe. Much of the research available today has come from the scientific and medical communities in countries like Germany, Austria, France and England.

geopathic stressNatural radiation that is inherent within in the earth can be distorted by natural and man-made influences such as mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground streams and underground public utilities. When imbalances affect the earth’s magnetic field, there are distortions that affect humans.

Illnesses of a chronic nature come from detrimental environmental imbalances that affect the physiology. Dr. Otto Bergsmann, a professor at the University of Vienna reported changes in serum values of calcium, zinc and serotonin in humans after short-term exposure to non-life supporting earth radiation sites. Even this limited exposure undermined the immune systems when exposed to these negative forces. Spending longer periods of time in unhealthy environments can gradually deteriorate the health.

Alterations in biological functioning can lead to adverse health affects. If sleep patterns are disturbed this not only can make you feel tired and irritable, it can produce a litany of more serious illnesses over time. The body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria can become affected when the natural rhythms within the body are constantly distorted during sleep. Dr. Paul G. Seeger, Former Chief of Cancer Research at Charite Hospital, Berlin, Germany states that the billions of dollars spent on cancer research around the world has not produced convincing proof of the cause of cancer. He feels that thorough investigation of telluric (earth) radiation will provide a possible prime cause of cancer in humans.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, the United States Environmental Protection Agency stated that after examining available data over the past 15 years, there was evidence of a positive association of exposure to magnetic fields with certain site-specific cancer, namely leukemia, cancer of the central nervous system and to a lesser extent, lymphomas.

As early as the 1920’s, there have been studies done in Germany (Winzer-Melzer survey of Stuttgart) which determined that major geological faults, which emanated noxious radiation, crossed under the beds of a high percentage of cancer victims. Hundreds of studies since then (by Dr. Ernst Hartmann of Germany and others) has shown that radiation that builds up on crossing geopathic stress lines can weaken the immune system and cause many diseases. In a number of European countries having a survey for geopathic stress before buying or building a house is automatically undertaken.

Thousands of years ago, the sages of India wrote about the adverse effects of geopathic stress upon the human physiology. The impact of non-life supporting magnetic imbalances was recorded in the Vedas. Not only were these imbalances described, but also ways to ameliorate these distortions were provided in detail.


How do you know if you suffer from geopathic stress? The average person spends six to eight hours a day in the bedroom sleeping, making this part of the house the most likely to transmit geopathic stress into the body, if it exists underground. Cats tend to sleep in places of geopathic stress, while dogs avoid them.

Pulling your beds and desks away from the wall at least 4” will reduce the impact of geopathic and electromagnetic stress coming from wires and pipes in the walls.

Removing geopathic stress isn’t hard to do and reportedly 80% of the population has the ability to do it. Here’s an easy-to-do technique that you can do today that will make a world of difference in your life:

This is what you will need:

Make two coat hangers into an L shape 4”x 16” each

Several copper rods attainable from your local hardware store – #4 copper wire. You will need to either have them cut or cut them yourself 18” long. You should have at least 10.


Hold the short side of each L in each hand. Do not squeeze the rods too tightly as they need to move. You want to walk around the perimeter of your home or office clockwise. You can do this outside or inside, room by room. Begin by taking a deep breath in and out. After you do this, ask to be shown the geopathic stress lines coming from your left that are harmful to your health. Holding the rods parallel to the ground and parallel to each other, walk in a straight line slowly around the perimeter of your property or room. Where the rods cross, you have found a geopathic stress line.

For outside: Every time the L rods cross, copper staples must be placed at each spot where they cross. Take one copper rod and bend each end 2”, forming a giant staple and push the bent ends into the ground.

For inside: Lay a straight copper rod parallel with the wall at the each spot where the L rods cross. Doing this will divert harmful radiation supporting healthy people and a stress-free environment.

A Story of a Mystic and A King

Once a king brought a present to a great Sufi mystic Farid. He brought a beautiful pair of golden scissors, very valuable and rare. Farid took them and gave them back to the king, and said, “Sir, many thanks for the present you have brought. It is a beautiful thing but utterly useless to me It would be better if you gave me a needle.”

The king said “I don’t understand”.

Farid said “Scissors cut things apart and needles put things together. I teach people to live in harmony with nature, to be one with God.

Whenever you attempt to do whatever you do alone, separate from the whole, it becomes failure. Success is within God and nature. Failure is you minus God.”

A client recently ask me why is Vastu so important for success in life. I said “The universe is in precise order, moving in precise time through many billions of years. Vastu shows us how to design structures that are in tune with nature and that do not struggle against it. In this way nature supports our success and protects us from misfortunes of life.”

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