What Are Your Options for Overcoming Stress?

For some people stress is a recurring experience. They feel tense, worried or anxious about a certain thing or event. They feel anxious about their activities in life or they feel stressed about their relationships. The stressful feelings are not relieved.

The ancients used the word “stress” for almost that same word. Christians used it as a synonym for anxiety. They believed that anxiety is a natural part of life and that the true Christian does not avoid anything, but instead sees it as a very positive event, a challenge or a growth opportunity.

manage stressAt this time it is not obvious to most people if it is an anxiety disorder or not. Some of us have some label, even though it is not supported like other feeling disorders.

I in negotiate with such anxiety and about it have found a technique that can help me to function effectively, more easily and more able to deal with stressful situations as they arise in my day.

Like other people, I also feel that I want to avoid having stress. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) addresses this condition. It is a natural coping mechanism used by most people and it does not have to cost anyone too much money.

I can convince or cajole myself to let go of a feeling or a thought that brings me pain, but eventually that might end and I feel stress.

A network of assertive strategies I have used to address my anxious feelings, especially as they do arise, is an excellent tool to use. I have used this since I was young. I do not call it something else, because it is a skill I have practiced and it did not begin as part of my social maturity, nor was it even part of me as a professional.

The way I naturally use NLP is to find the feeling or the thought process and confront it. For example, when I think about placing an order, making a phone call for my book, or something of that nature, I just bring up those images or those things to see whether I am using the right tool to do it or not.

If I am using the wrong tool I use NLP to extinguish the feeling, or to see whether I really do need to feel that uncomfortable feeling or thought and why or whether emotionalCleanse1993 came to be.

As a result, the stress becomes reduced and energy returns to me. Many times the thought process is one where “I can do it” and “It is not as serious as it may seem”

For example, for many years, when I think about any job search, I have used a technique to bring up the image of being thrilled or happy about a possible job and the feelings of excitement.

I have used or made use of as many of the other such feeling generation strategies as Scramble, Dissociation Technique, Gestalt, Anchoring and so on. Each of these in turn has helped me to achieve some degree of stress reduction.

Of one particular choice I have made, is to have a particular anagram of words and sentences that I come up with. I have named this technique the “Prayer Equation”.

This is a relatively shallow style of anagram as I carry on with my prayers to a purpose and I contemplate on the subject, my mind seeks patterns which respond to it. I ask my thoughts to answer what my prayers would be and it does. What I experience isputers downloading and returning patterns.

What a great deal of these reactions occur at the level of the sub-conscience and are largely beyond our control.

I used to make practical offers or thoughts, as they came to me. Now, I have purposely gave up or suspended making such practical requests, for the moment, as a conscious act of prayer.

The anagram of words is typical of that which adheres to a specific idea or issue is determined.

One recurring theme that I have found helps me to discharge stress related affect is to observe how the memory related to a thought is replaced easily with the more pleasant phrase.

The call to pray is for a particular purpose and uses an anagram.

At the end of its short use I will experience the needed emotion. Here I gather any feelings of anxiety or stress that may arise.

Without consciously dwelling on them I imagine again the pleasantness of the purpose that was entertained and replace these memories with our prayer for a specific purpose or issue.

This helps to dispel some of the negative or anxiety feelings that might otherwise arise.

It is a rather shallow, give and take offers that can be offered to reduce stress.

Other people are pre-warned of unpleasant moments before they even arise.

Even so they are not advantageous to be used by an individual into various types of pain management.