Why Does My Face Turn Red When I Get Nervous?

Anxiety and nervousness are known for triggering uncommon symptoms. Some of the symptoms caused by these emotions can be extremely strange. In fact, the symptoms can convince you that something is seriously wrong in you.

For example, blushing or facial redness is an unusual symptom of anxiety. Some people turn red when they are embarrassed. Scientifically, this is a medical condition that is associated with many hormonal changes in the body.

What is Blushing?

blushingBy definition, blushing and facial redness are medical conditions. Multiple signs and symptoms can cause a person to experience this change. There is nothing wrong in approaching a doctor when your face turns red most of the time. If the physician is unable to find a real reason behind blushing or facial redness – it is mainly caused due to anxiety.

If anxiety is the primary reason behind your face turning red, there will be other symptoms. For instance, you will feel jitters, rapid heartbeat rates and even sweat. These are normal symptoms of anxiety and nervousness.
Your face will turn red during common emotions like anger, nervousness, aroused and more.

Most of the time, people can judge your mental state by how severe the blushing is. Though the actual scientific reason, why the face turns red is unclear. There can be many biological aspects governing it. Research reveals that certain emotions can dilate the capillaries in the face. Thus, the blood flowing through the capillaries becomes more visible. If your skin is lightly colored, the flow of blood will be extremely prominent. This is why the face turns red and hotter.

Why does Anxiety make your face red?

Moving on, anxiety can make your face red by releasing adrenaline or epinephrine. These are hormones responsible for fight or flight reactions. In simple terms, these hormones are the root cause of anxiety. The body is known for reacting to situations that can make you anxious. It sees such situations as a predator. In just a matter of seconds, the body experiences an autonomic arousal, which causes physical changes and makes the face appear red.

Can redness and blushing cause anxiety?

Now, there is another side to the story. In some people, blushing and redness can cause anxiety. This is because becoming redder in certain situations will cause embarrassment. Most of the time, people with this issue would want to hide their face. Consequently, this creates a self-conscious moment where the body becomes more anxious.

Tips on How to avoid Blushing and Red Face

If you are suffering from blushing or red face, here are few tips to help you:

  1. Always stay honest with your condition. As mentioned previously, embarrassment will make the situation worse. So, don’t feel bad about turning red.
  2. Start working out! Exercises will help you combat anxiety in a healthy way. This is because exercises can improve the flow of blood and reduce adrenaline.
  3. Practice healthy breathing techniques. Breathing will strike a balance between the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body. This is essential for reducing anxiety.