How Do You Record Your Stress?

Every person on the planet sooner or later deals with stress. Stress differs from person to person, different people stress out about various things. But too much stress can have quite a negative impact on your mind and on your body. Sometimes stress affects you physically, and some times mentally.

Here are some physical symptoms of stress you should not ignore:

  • Pain and tending of the muscles: This can cause some serious headaches and in time, if not treated, tending of the muscles can become a musculoskeletal problem.
  • If you have digestive problems: these include diarrhea or constipation. Stress can also affect the way and the speed that the food is moving through your bowels and the vitamins and nutrients that your body absorbs from food.
  • Problems in bed: Stress is the main factor for problems in bed in a relationship. Whether a man or a woman it can be a factor for many things like impotence in men, low sex drive, irregular and more painful periods in women.
  • The most dangerous is increasing in heart rate or blood pressure: This can cause some serious problems. It usually ends once the thing that is bothering you gets to a climax, but sometimes it continues subconsuaslly, and is one of the main factors for heart attacks!

feeling anxiousStress can affect you both mentally and emotionally. Making wise decisions or thinking rationally becomes quite a task and can impact your behavior in a really bad way. You can also expect a change in your eating habits for example – loss of appetite or fighting stress with food and hence overeating. More and more people that are battling mental stress tend to isolate themselves from family and friends. Here are some emotional signs that you have to keep an eye on before things get serious :

  • Anxiety: The main problem of modern people. More and more people are living with depression and anxiety and are afraid to seek help, which causes them to live an unhappy life.
  • Feeling unmotivated: Motivation is key for living happily and becoming successful.
  • Anger: With mental stress, you can get very easily irritated and annoyed by even the smallest things.
  • Making bad decisions: Most people when they can’t handle stress alone they tend to rely on alcohol or drugs, which is the worst possible scenario and way that you can fight stress because as soon as you sober up all the problems come back with an even bigger impact.

Your overall stress is the worst thing that has the most negative impact on your body and life. It can cause things like cancer or even suicide if not treated on time and properly.

reduce stressPeople are not able to control stress but they can try things to manage and keep it under control, and sometimes even get rid of it. Here are somethings that you can use to lower stress and make you feel better:

  • Being positive about everything is key or having a better life and feeling better!
  • Accepting that you cannot control everything that happens in your life will make you feel relieved.
  • Exercise is a good way to battle stress and it will make your body fitter which can result in a confidence boost.
  • Seek emotional comfort and support from family and friends. Whatever you think there is always someone that cares how you feel.Stick to things that give you a smile and make you happy.