What Are The Long Term Effects of Stress and Anxiety on Physical Health?

Keeping in mind all the events and the accelerated pace at which we live in today’s modern society, the World Health Organization has, not coincidentally, defined health as physical, psychological and social well-being. Given that these three elements are often not in an ideal relationship, it is not a surprise that most of the human illnesses caused by stress have increased. The organism struggles to overcome the overall stress, but during that fight, it also exhausts itself, so it breaks where it is most vulnerable.

Which illnesses are most commonly caused by stress and anxiety?

illnessThere are many, both psychologically and physically speaking. Due to stress, more and more people are experiencing heart and brain thrombosis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, suffering from various malignancies. Many have different skin conditions and numerous endocrinological disorders are developed. Endocrinological disorders can lead to interruption of menstrual cycle and other complications arising from this condition. Practically, in order to survive, the body and mind pay a certain, sometimes even too high of a price.

How to save yourself from stress and anxiety?

The answer lies in a healthy lifestyle in the broadest sense. A healthy lifestyle involves regular check-ups to detect potential illnesses, regular controls, proper nutrition and recreation plus physical activity. A life without an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or even coffee is also important. Above all, in a more psychological sense, the fight against stress and anxiety should be based on optimism, positive thinking, tolerance, understanding of diversity and a desire for others to thrive, while looking forward to it.

What are the best cures for stress and anxiety?

Friendship and love are the best remedies for stress and anxiety. Nourishment of already existing human relationships provides a guarantee that new, quality relationships will be created that will enhance both physical and psychological immunity.

From a different perspective, young people who know of those values define the strength of a state, because their psychophysical health provides a healthier society. Love is the only antibody to hate, the only one capable of domesticating aggression.

The art of relaxation

Relaxation does not cancel the cause of stress, but it does alleviate its effect on the body and mind by first relaxing outer muscles and then the entire organism. The purpose is to relax all tense muscles and remove internal spasms that block the natural flow of energy.

There is a simple breathing exercise for this. You can perform it every night in your bed, effectively breaking the vicious cycle of fatigue. While lying down, you should close your eyes, place your palms on the abdomen without pressing it, and begin to gently inhale and exhale. Slowly try to breathe in as much air as you can, hold for a few seconds, then breathe out. This exercise should be repeated several times, as it is great for relaxing the diaphragm and speeding up the flow of oxygen, and therefore removing toxic substances from the tissue.

Whatever method you choose, it’s essential that you work on reducing your stress levels to stay healthy.